Gcam 8.2 Apk Download And lmc 8.2 Config For All Devices

The lmc 8.2 Gcam or Gcam 8.2 APK mod is one of the best camera app available for Your Android phones. Which is the default Camera available on Pixel Phones developed by Google Gcam 8.2 but now this can be installed on almost all Android phones.

The image processing algorithm of the Gcam 8.2 APK and the Mod is so different that other developers have Gcam 8.2 config created port or mod of this one, which works on almost all other Android phones out there.

Gcam 8.2
Gcam 8.2

lmc 8.2 gacm (Gcam 8.2) APK Download For All Android Devices

There’s no question that Gcam 8.2 config and its post-processing algorithms have changed what we can expect from lmc 8.2 smartphone cameras, elevating the Google Pixel to some of the best Android phones you can buy. When Google released its first Pixel series, the Google Pixel and Pixel XL devices grabbed everyone’s attention due to camera capabilities and hardware-level amazing image quality.

  • Added manual focus slider.
  • Added several noise models.
  • Fixed work of Noise Reduction Adjust (Opacity) in Pro patcher.
  • Optimized viewfinder performance for responsiveness.

What features make the Gcam 8.2 Mod so good?

  • HDR+ (enhanced HDR) – [The rockstar feature of Gcam 8.2 config APK]
  • Portrait Mode with better edge detection
  • Night Sight with better low light photography (available on 6.1.021 and later) – [Most OEMs carried this feature to implement on their cameras after Gcam 8.2 introduced this]
  • Night Sight on Portrait mode (8.2.204 and later)
  • Astrophotography feature (version 7.0.009 and later) [No other Camera app on Android has this specific feature at all, till now!] To find a good places to shoot in Astro mode, use the Light Pollution Map app
  • Video stabilization modes (version 8.1.101 and later)
  • Object portrait mode (lens blur)
  • Integrated Google photos and Google lens
  • Frequent faces
  • Supports up to a 60X zoom (only on the Gcam 8.2 port)
  • 4k 60 FPS video recording
  • RAW image capture

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lmc 8.2 Config List

ফোল্ডার তৈরি : internal storage গিয়ে lmc8.2 ফোল্ডার বানিয়ে সেখানে রাখতে হবে।

How to Download and Install LMC 8.2 Helena R4 APK?

LMC 8.2 Helena R4 APK is easy to download on your phone. We have created a simple guide that can assist you in downloading it for free.

Step 1 – Download Button

First of all, you have to click on the download button provided by us. Now you have come to the download page, you have to wait a few seconds, then click on download, and the app will start downloading automatically.

Step 2 – File Manager

Click on the download button to begin downloading. Go to your file manager and search for the APK file.

Enable Unknown Source: Third-party applications need unknown source settings to be enabled before they can be installed. Any third-party application on Android cannot be installed without enabling the unknown source settings.

Step 3 – Install the Application

Now tap on that APK file of LMC 8.2 Helena R4 APK you have downloaded. Once you do that you will have your application installed.

Step 4 – Let’s get started!

You will now have a LMC 8.2 Helena R4 APK icon on your phone. Simply tap on it to begin using it.

↪True DSLR (Gcam8.2)


↪Human xml (gcam lmc)


↪gcam Time to fly


↪Bright Nature (gcam low light)


↪Sky View Fix (gcam sky, Nature,)


↪iphone 420 premium (মানুষ, প্রকৃতি, রাত, ম্যাক্রো)


↪gcam8.2 colour macro (ম্যাক্রো)


↪Bright Night (রাতকে দিন বানানো)


gcam 8.4 Magic color (এডিটিং কালার)


↪Flagship killer (মানুষ, প্রকৃতি, রাত)


↪Canon 700D (মানুষ, প্রকৃতি)


lmc 8.2 True Saturated (কালারফুল)


↪True magic (Edite gcam)


↪True Allrounder


↪Gcam 8.2 ক্যামেরা অ্যাপ


How To Install Latest Gcam LMC 8.2 With Best XMl File Setup Support Any Android Device

Gcam 8.2 Helena R4 APK for Android

  • Go to “Settings” and toggle on “Unknown Sources”.
  • Download LMC 8.2 Helena R4 Gcam 8.2 config APK for Android.
  • Tap on the downloaded file.
  • Tap on “Install” by giving all the required permissions.
  • Wait for the installation process to be completed.

lmc gcam 8.2 photoshots

📸 Lmc 8.4 R11

⚙️ Config : By Me

📱 Redmi note 10 Pro

lmc gcam 8.2
gcam8.2 Collected photo

LMC 8.4 R13 FIX 2

Iphone 13 config 💗

On Redmi 10c

F/1.8 1/259 ISO91 4.26mm

Collected photo

📸 Lmc 8.2 R8

⚙️ Config : Dslr8 Reborn by Aris Prasetyo

📱 Reno5

Collected gcam
Collected gcam

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Gcam 8.2 Recent updates

•             MWP: Gcam_8.4.300_beta5_MWP (Pixel Only)

•             Shamim: SGCAM_8.4.400.42.XXX_V31

•             Arnova8G2: Gcam-8.4.300.build-V7.0.220819

•             BSG: MGC_8.5.300_A10_V9

•             Hasli: LMC8.4_R13_Fix2

•             Wichaya: GCam_8.1.101_Wichaya_V1.6

•             Shamim: SGCAM_8.4.400.42.XXX_V29

•             BSG: MGC_8.5.300_A10_V8

•             BigKaka: AGC_8.4.300.18_V9.1

•             Shamim: SGCAM_8.4.400.42.XXX_V27

•             BSG: MGC_8.5.300_A10_V5

•             BSG: MGC_8.5.300_A10_V4

•             Arnova8G2 (Beta): Gcam-8.4.300.build-V7BetaTest.220717

•             BigKaka: AGC_8.4.300_V9

•             BSG: MGC_8.5.300_A10_V3

•             Shamim: SGCAM_8.4.400.42.XXX_V25

•             Arnova8G2 (Beta): Gcam-8.4.300.build-V7BetaTest.220707

•             MWP: Gcam_MWP_8.4.300_beta4 (Pixel Only)

•             OnePlus 5/5T: OnePlus 5/5T Front Camera Fix (V6.3)

•             BSG: MGC_8.4.600_A10_V13

•             Nikita: NGCam_8.2.300-v1.8

•             BSG: MGC_8.1.101_A9_GV2b

•             BigKaka: AGC_8.4.300_V8

•             Shamim: GCAMGO_3.3.439_SHAMIM_V1

•             BSG: MGC_8.4.600_A10_V9

•             Greatness: GCam8.2.204_Greatness.220428

•             BigKaka: AGC_8.4.300_V7

•             Shamim: GCAM_8.4.400.42.XX_SHAMIM_V21

•             MTSL: MTSLCam_V7.2

•             BSG: MGC_8.4.600_A10_V8

About this Mod:

This is a modified Gcam 8.2 app, also known as Pixel Camera. Gcam 8.2 config is the stock camera app shipped on Nexus and Pixel phones from Google. Google’s HDR+ technology improves picture quality specially on low and mid end phones.

Features include HDR+, portrait mode, motion photos, panorama, lens blur, 60fps video, slow motion, and more.

Because Gcam 8.2 wasn’t created to work on all phones, it’s all a bit messy , but a few developers try to make it compatible with a huge number of phones.

GCam 8.2 Supported Devices

Previously, its use was limited to Pixel phones only, but now the APK provided by Gcam 8.2 can be used on almost all popular smartphones such as Samsung, Xiaomi Poco, Redmi, OnePlus, etc. and Snapdragon-845 based Android devices. You can check out all the camera features of the Google Pixel 6 Pro from our previous Gcam 8.4.200 post. The best part is that you can use additional camera lenses (telephoto and ultra wide angle lenses) with the latest Gcam 8.4 MOD; gives you better quality photos.

Meanwhile, you can download the most stable Gcam 8.4 mod APK for any android device. You can also install it on Android 12, 11, 10 or even earlier versions like 9.0 Pie. The best part about Gcam 8.4 is that it is a modified Gcam 8.2 app that can run on most third-party or non-Pixel Android phones.

Don’t blame Google if something doesn’t work, after all this is not the official app. Keep in mind that GCam isn’t open source, so it’s hard or even impossible to add new features.

Gcam 8.2 Version 8.4

Version : 8.4

Size : 130 MB

Support Device : All android devices


Lmc 8.2 (Gcam 8.2) 8.4 APK

Download Gcam 8.4 latest release apk for all android phone which support camera 2 API.

Version : 8.4

Size : 204 MB

Support Device : Some devices may be not support


Gcam 8.2 By Stock APK

This is Gcam 8.4 Stock APK you need to try this app support or not in your phone.

Version : 8.4

Size : 118 MB

Support : Support Pixel Custom ROM and Stock ROM


Gcam 8.2 (Gcam) Lite 8.4.6

This lite version build Gcam 8.2 APK 8.4.6 this also universal build support all android phone which support camera 2api.

Version : 8.4.6

Size : 119.39 MB

Support : All Android Phones


Gcam With Material v.8.4.6

Gcam with material build version 8.4.6

Version : 8.4.6

Size : 154.71 MB

Support : All Android Phones


Gcam BSG 8.3

Download Gcam BSG 8.3 Latest version

Version : 8.3

Size : 133.5 MB

Support : All Android Phones


Is it protected to download Gcam 8.2 APK?

Indeed it is! Individuals have downloaded these APKs multiple times and there is no report of any pernicious code in any of the Gcam 8.2 port worked by any engineers.

Is Gcam 8.2 Better than others?

All things considered, it is Yes and negative. The highlights makes it the best camera application for Android. As it is generally accessible as a mod form, not all highlights work on every one of the telephones. On the off chance that it chips away at your telephone, it can make enchantment with the pictures it produces.

Why is Gcam 8.2 App not viable on my Phone?

Since it is fundamentally intended to work just on Pixel telephones. Anything we list here, are simply Gcam 8.2 ports. There are many ports of GCam from numerous designers. You can attempt one from the beneath rundown to check whether it chips away at your telephone!

How to Download Gcam 8.2?

As I said before not a solitary port of GCam application deals with all telephones. The following are the various ports accessible from different engineer, which you can take a stab at your telephone.

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