Latest Lmc Helena 8.4 R9 GCam Port – lmc Helena Gcam Apk & Config Tutorial

Hello Gcam Lover, Today we will say about gcam lmc 8.4 r9 Helena update version . Almost everyone love this helena lmc 8.4 r9 gcam apk download . And a lot of great photography is possible with these gcam lmc 8.4 r9 Helena apps , With the help this apps.

 we will see today how to take blur photos like dslr helena lmc 8.4 r9 gcam Camera, I will also see how to do Night Photography helena lmc 8.4 r9 gcam. This requires your apps and some config files. Which I am explaining well below. So let’s start without further add


Helena LMC8.4-R9 

LMC GCAM All versions Download- from Hasli 

1.LMC8.4_R9.apk – (

2.LMC8.4_R9_snapcam.apk – (org.codeaurora.snapcam)

3.LMC8.4_R9_samsung.apk – (

LMC 8.4 R9 Changelog

This version might contain work from Arnova8G2 and BSG, so thanks to them.


LMC8.4 Release 9


LMC 8.4 R9 Basic Information 

• TEST section in patcher with new parameters

• Added more options to LDR patcher

• Increased range of values: Clarity, Contrast 1, Smoothness

• Live photo option in video section

• Added many Sessions to stream config


LMC 8.4 R9 Corrections

 Developer settings optimization

 Translation fix

• Fix gcam_debug option in dev

• Video Fix on Pixel 6 UI

• Luma Subtle Level Preset fix in PRO patcher

• Resolution selection fix Live Photo

• Cleaning up code, optimizing animations, and improving application performance.


Redmi Note 8 Gcam Redmi Note 8 Pro Note 7 Note 7 Pro Note 7S Note 9 Note 9 Pro Note 9S Gcam. Redmi Note 10 Note 10 Lite Note 10S Gcam Mi 9T Etc

Realme 5I 5s 5,  6I 6S 6,  7 7I 7S,  8 8I 8S,  Realme 2 Pro 3 Pro 5 Pro 6 Pro 7 Pro 8 Pro Gcam

Vivo Oppo And Other Device Gcam.

Lmc 8.4 r9 helena then our camera quality will be much better.  As well as our pictures will be much more beautiful.  We often travel to many places.  We want to go there and take many beautiful pictures.  Lots of nature photography.  But we can’t for our camera.  We don’t have a camera, we don’t have a DSLR.  If we want to take pictures like DSLR then we can take pictures with the mobile phone in our hand.  That’s why we have to use Lmc 8.4 r9 helena.

the picture of our Lmc 8.4 r9 helena will be much more beautiful than the normal camera.  Even if we want to do night photography, we can still take night pictures using Lmc 8.4 r9 helena.  The night can be easily converted to day with Google Camera.  And the pictures taken at night are so beautiful that it looks like day.

LMC 8.4 R9 – All built-in configs updated

LMC8.4_R9 Gcam Helena

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