We all like to take photos. Who doesn't like to do photography? We usually refer to photography as the pics taken professionally with a professional camera. We usually do mobile photography for our own enjoyment. In that case we use the default camera of our phone! As a result, many features are missing in our camera apps and we can't do good quality photography. But many of us do not know that a lot of beautiful photography can be done with the help of mobile phones. We can take great quality pictures like DSLR and do Night Photography if we want.

Today we will talk about a version of Gcam LMC 8.2 Helena. Almost everyone likes this GCAM. And a lot of great photography is possible with these apps! With the help of apps we will see today how to take blur photos like DSLR Camera! I will also see how to do Night Photography. This requires your apps and some config files. Which I am explaining well below. So let's start without further ado -

Supported Device:

- Must Be Snapdragon 650+ Chipset

- Must Be Android 10 Or Higher Version ( Can Try 9 ) 

- Supported In Mediatek G Series Chipset

People Search Gcam As

 Redmi Note 8 Gcam Redmi Note 8 Pro Note 7 Note 7 Pro Note 7S Note 9 Note 9 Pro Note 9S Gcam. Redmi Note 10 Note 10 Lite Note 10S Gcam Mi 9T Etc

Realme 5I 5s 5,  6I 6S 6,  7 7I 7S,  8 8I 8S,  Realme 2 Pro 3 Pro 5 Pro 6 Pro 7 Pro 8 Pro Gcam

Vivo Oppo And Other Device Gcam..

Download LMC 8.2 Helena APK

At First Download The Apk From Link Below. After Download Complete Simply Install It.

Download : Download Now

XML File List

HUMAN XML / True Dslr : This Xml is for selfi or Capture A People Photo.

Download: Download Human Xml

Bright Night Xml: This Xml For Capture Night Photo.  It Will Be Bright And Look So beautiful.

Download: Download Bright Night Xml

Natural: this xml is for natural click. it will make your photo very naturalistic and fresh.

Download : Download Natural 1 Xml

Download : Download Natural 2 Xml

Macro Colur: This Xml File Is Mainly For Macro Photography. 

Download: Download Macro Xml

If You Need More Xml File Then Make A Comment!!

Setup XML File

-First Go To Your Internet Stotage 

- Create A New Folder Name " LMC8.2 "

- Paste Downloaded XML File Here 

--- Now Open This Camera 

- Double Click On Beside Sutter Button And Select Your Desire XML FILE.

- And Ok it.

- Done

Some Photography :-

© Some Photo And Configs Collected From Gcam User Of Bangladesh Groups!!

So I Hope You Will Be Enjoy This. If You Have Any Doubt Please Make A Comment!  Thank You


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