Free Fire Onetap Sertings | Raistar & Ruok FF Headshot Settings | Free Fire Auto Headshot

We almost all play games online now. But now most people play Free Fire and Pubg games. Many people have gained a lot of popularity by uploading free fire and pubg game play videos on YouTube. Some of the most popular free fire players are RUOK FF, Vincenzo, B2K, Syblus, BNL, Colonel, Raistar, Jack FF, Nobru, White444, Syth, M8N, Lorem, JUNINZ FF, Trilokh, Badge 99, Billo Gaming & Much. More so many of them are mobile players and many of them are PC players So today I will discuss the best free fire settings for  mobile players.

Some People Try To DO free fire one tap headshot setting but they make some mistake. free fire one tap headshot sensitivity is very much need for free fire one tap headshot hack but we are not give you free fire headshot hack apk or anything.We will Talk about Free Fire one tap headshot sensitivity and also Free Fire sensitivity for headshots then you will be able to  find your Best sensitivity for Free Fire one tap headshot. 

We already know that raistar jack ff m8n is mobile player. Today I Will Share Secret Of Raistar Onetap Tricks or Ruok ff free fire settings for you.Actually Big Youtubers use iphone for playing free fire so I will share android free fire onetap settings which is also people called auto headshot settings.

Lets Start- 

First enter the settings of your mobile.

Search by typing Pointer from Search Option.

Click on Pointer Speed ​​and Complete the Pointer Speed ​​level.

Go to Search Option again and type Large and scroll down to Large Mouse Pointer / Cursor to turn it on.

Now turn on the Developer Option of your phone and go to the bottom and click on Smallest Width.

Here your default value will be given. If you increase it to 50-100 then there will be no problem in your device. I have increased it from 50/60 to 449.

Now enter your game. Click the Settings button. Click On The Sensitivity Section |

General : 100

Red Dot: 85-100

2x Scope : 90-100

4x Sxope: 90-100

Awm Scope: 40-60

Free Look: 0-50

Now make the settings in the Controls Section.

Now come to the Display Section and make the following settings according to your RAM.

1 GB Ram Free Fire Setting

Free Fire 1 GB Ram Onetap Setting

2 GB Ram Free Fire Setting

Free Fire 2 GB Ram Onetap Setting

3 GB Ram Free Fire Setting

Free Fire 3 GB Ram Onetap Setting

4 GB Ram Free Fire Setting

Free Fire 4 GB Ram Onetap Setting

6/8/12 GB Ram Free Fire Setting

Free Fire 6/8 GB Ram Onetap Setting

So I hope that if you practice very well by setting in this way, you will be able to kill Onetap very easily.

So this was today’s post. If you like the post, don’t forget to share. And if you have trouble understanding, please comment. Thanks

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