Assalamualikum! Welcome everyone to a new post! Hope everybody is well. I am also well by the grace of God. So today we have come up with a great post. I hope this post will be useful to you. If you have any problem understanding the post, don't forget to comment. So let's start without further ado!

Many of us play free fire. Free Fire is an online game that is very popular with many people. I also like free fire a lot. I am also a free fire lover! So today I will share with you the new hacked injector of Free Fire which works almost everything including ranked mode! So you will get a lot in this mode And everyone can play very easily. You Should Do This In Your Guest Id Or You Main ID will be banned!


- Enemy Location 

-  Gun Location 

- Health Location 

- Others Location 

- Aim Bot 

- Aim Shoot Working

- Aim Lock Working

- Aim Mira 

- Antena Head

- Invisible Glowall 

- ESP CrossHair

- 99% Anti Ban 

- Others

How To Settings The Injector:

First download  from The Link Below. Then install it on your phone.

Download link - Download Free Fire Injector

After installing, if you open the INJECTOR, it will ask for password. 

Type This-

User name-: BELLARA

Password-: BELLARA

Then turn on all the settings as you need. Then start the game by clicking the Open Free Fire button. 

You Have Successfully Done This,  Now Enjoy ! 

Some Comments :

Enemy Location Hack (which can easily kill the Enemy around you & its was very impressive )

Glowwal Hack (You can easily kill anime from inside Glowwal that is so dangerous )

Shot location hacked (you can easily find out where the pistol, rifle is & it is easy for you to find out in a short time)

All other hacks (where there is glow wall, where there is medi kit etc can be easily understood)

No match making problem

Rank Match Working

It's even 100% antibacterial (My Friend Has been playing  for about 10/15 days).

N:B:  I Suggest You To Play Only In Guest Or Noob Accounts ! 

So that's it There was today's post. I hope today's post has been very useful to you. You will see the mistakes in the post with a forgiving look And stay tuned to get the latest tech related posts. Thanks

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